Made by Shawnee Pottery and sold exculsively through Sears and Roebuck and co. Produced from 19387 to 1940. Produced only in solid colors of Tangerine, Cobalt, Yellow, Green and Maroon. This list is as complete as I could make it but there are still more pieces out there and there are some on this list that has never been found but are shown in some ads.
Ashtray Fruit bowl
Nesting Bowls Ice pitcher
Bud Vase Jug 2 pints
Candle Holders bulb design Marmite 4 1/2 inches
Candle Holders Tripod design Covered mustard
Carafe w/lid Bowl nappie 8 1/2 inches
Casserole 7 1/2 inches Bowl nappie 9 1/2 inches
Casserole 8 1/2 inches soup covered
Chocolate cup and saucer Pie plate 9 1/4 inches
Chop plate 13 inches Pie plate 10 1/2 inches
Chop plate 15 inches Pie server
Coaster Plate 6 1/2 inches
Coffee cup and saucer set Plate 7 3/4 inches
Coffee pot AD Plate 9 3/4 inches
Coffee Pot regular w/lid Plate compartment
Comport 12 inches Deep Plate 8 inches
Comport sweets 12 inch punch bowl
Cookie jar Refrigerator set
Covered dish Relish tray
Covered dish 8 inches Salt and pepper set
Soup cup Spoon
Creamer Covered sugar
Dessert bowl 6 inches tea cup and saucer set
Egg Cup Tea pot regular
Flower vase 8 inches Utility tray
Flower vase 10 inches Waffle set 5 pieces

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