A. E. Hull Pottery Co.

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 This guide has been developed to allow the user to follow a predetermined path to find the item they are looking for faster than looking in books page by page.

 The following sitemap will allow you to find the pattern you are looking for, the description and the value of the piece.

History of A. E. Hull Pottery (A run down of the company from the beginning until the closure of the last plant.)
Identification page (Shows a picture of all the different patterns listed in the guide.)

Patterns (List of all the patterns plus Imperial and others.)

Individual pattern page (list of all the pieces in an individual pattern  with description, number, value and link to image, EXAMPLE.)

Individual image page (IMG picture of a individual piece from a certain pattern. EXAMPLE. Click IMG ( Due to the scarcity of some pieces there may not be a picture.)

at the bottom of each page there are back links to take you back to the page you came from or take you to any of the above listed pages.