Weekly Series

Weekly series is new to RPG and will be posted once a week usually on Sunday morning if I am not at an auction somewhere. The series will cover Pottery and Toys and other subjects relating tocollecting, cleaning and repairing pottery and toys. The first two articles are posted now relating to Blue Willow porcelain/China.
Any one who wishes to submit an article on the above subjects (toys and Pottery) are more than welcome to submit the article by sending the article by email to RPG and it will be reviewed for submission into the Weekly articles section of the website to be viewed by members and the general public.
First articles

Selling metal collectible toys online vs Brick and Mortar

Blue Willow Porcelain/China

Blue Willow Folklore

Cleaning Pottery

Toy Zeppelins

Learning about estate sales

storage units auctions

Images, Sizes and Formats

Cleaning pressed steel toys

House Auctions
Cleaning Vinyl records
The new price guides for the road
Auction ethics
City vs country auctions

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