OK this needs to be said. I have always said the american people are only a shadow of what we used to be and now with the advent of the game cornhole I know we are closer to becoming the dumbest people in the world. Really to take a small sack of corn sewed up so the corn can never come out, wasting food, and chucking it at a piece of plywood set at an angle with a large hole in the middle of it is something I can not comprehend. Is it any wonder our bankers, preachers, politicians and enemies have figured it out just how easy it is to fool the american public. If you stand around and spend your time pitching a small bag of corn into a board with a large hole in the middle of it then believe me you need to have your mortage foreclosed, your job to go overseas and of course have your politicians and preachers eat all your chicken and mess around with your money and your wife. Well nough said about that.
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