College Towns

Another pet peevee of mine is college students and having to deal with them in stores and restaurants as clerks and waiters. I live in a small college town which means our population explodes twice a year by over five thousand students. Don't get me wrong I am glad to see american youth get an education and too have the initiative to work part time to help with expenses.

The problem is the lazy incompetent way they do it. Respect for old people is bad enough in this country but when ever they have to deal with smart **** college kids to get a bit to eat or to have their groceries checked out at the store things really get out of hand. Perhaps it's jsut me but since I live on a fixed income and I have only so much money to use for food I expect a cashier to pay attention to my groceries as he or she are running them through the scanners and not be talking with the cashier in the next lane while flirting with a male worker (college kid too) Last week I had to take my bill back to the manager of the store to have him take off three items where the cashier had double scanned the items.

Even that was not enough for the brillant college coed to do, she had to put a box of cereal in with my loaf of bread. Now I know I am a really grumpy old person but that really peeves me off. Why would I buy a loaf of bread that has the shape of the balogna I have to buy and then have a dumb college kid flatten it out with a box of cereal. That one I called the manager on the minute she did it. If he couldn't take the time to train the cashiers then I guess the customers will have to.

Again glad to have America's youth getting an education but please learn them how to work for a living also. I know college professors have never worked a day in their lives but someone has to learn these people how to work in the public domain.
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