COCA COLA openers
Coca Cola has produced  many different types of bottle openers from brass to bakelite. The most common being the Starr company openers that were fastened to walls and other stationary objects. Some of these can be rare but a good background knowledge is needed before investing in this style of opener. I mention this specifically because I saw a box of ten rusty and worn out Starr openers sell for 200 dollars a few weeks ago. These were not rare and it was a bad buy as the new owner had to admit later.
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Brass 50-60

Early Starr


Rusty 3-4

Mint in Box 12-18


Rare 75-100

Early Starr

Chrome wine and coke opener 10-15

In Box 15-20

In Box 15-20

In Box 12-18

In Box 15-20

REAL ???


ice pick 8-12


10-15 mint



30-40 Brass

20-25 Brass


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