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The first 12 books from Little Golden books were first printed in October 1942. Advertised as having 44 pages the actual books had only 42 pages. During the war after 1943 this number of pages was reduced to 28 pages due to shortages of paper.

Any of the first 12 books with only 28 pages will have "First Printing This Edition" Stated on the Copyright page.

The first 35 books were published with blue bindings and most had a dust jacket. The Happy Family was the last book to be published with the blue binding.

Values for the first 12 books depends on condition and whether or not the dust jacket is with the book. With the dust jacket add up to 75% to value depending on condition of dust jacket.

As there were several printings of the first 12 books this guide will value only the 1st 1st editions.

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# Title Author/Illustrator Date Value w/DJ Value w/o DJ
1 Three Little Kittens /Masha 1942 100-125 35-40
2 Bedtime Stories /Gustaf Tenggren 1942 100-125 35-40
3 The Alphabet A-Z /Vivian Leah Blake 1942 100-125 35-40
4 Mother Goose Phillis Frazer/Gertrude Elliott 1942 100-125 35-40
5 Prayers for Children /Rachel Dixon 1942 100-125 35-40
6 The Little Red Hen /Rudoff Freund 1942 100-125 35-40
7 Nursery Songs Leah Gale/Corinne Malvern 1942 100-125 35-40
8 The Pokey Little Puppy Janet Lowrey Sebrung/Gustaf Tenggren 1942 100-125 35-40
9 The Golden Book of Fairy Tales Hoskins, Winfield 1942 100-125 35-40
10 Baby's Book Bob Smith/Bob Smith 1942 150-175 35-40
11 The Animals of Farmer Jones Leah Gale/Rudolf Freund 1942 100-125 35-40
12 This Little Piggy /Roberta  Paflin 1942 125-150 50-60

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