House auctions are in every city, small town and rural areas of the country. Some are large taking up unused department store buildings and some are small taking up one room in the back of an old country store. They come and go like yard sales lasting only a few weeks in some cases to auction houses that have been in business for years. Auction houses if established will have a large following and can be a good place to pick up items to resell or to find collectibles for your own collections.

   The format of most house auctions is to have items from several different sellers represented. People will bring in items no longer needed or maybe the items are from an estate sale not large enough to hold a full auction. At times if the auction company is large enough there may be a complete estate sale out of the house auction. Depending on the size of the building the auction can be large and last an entire day. In most cases House auctions are small affairs held in the evenings and will have items ranging from Walmart rejects to used furniture.

   Another type of house auction is the one where the owners of the establishment auction off only the items they have acquired from storage auctions, estate sales, and of course other house auctions. Not one I would recommend due to past experience with the owners of some of these establishments. Honesty is the one factor I search for in auctions and house auctions can be shady as can even regular auctions. If you are attending a house auction for the first time always take the time to observe what is going on around you. The condition of the place, how clean is the building and interior. How is the auction set up. Are the items in plain view where you can take the time to inspect them before they are auctioned off. Is the crowd large or small and does the actioneer appear to be experienced or at least competent in calling out auctions.

   One of my favorite and and best organized house auctions I have attended is in Aberdeen, Ohio ( Map) . The name of the company is Bill Holton Auction Service. Held on Sundays only and is held in an old department store building. The building is large with plenty of room for lots of items as shown by the photos I have taken of one of the auctions I attended there. In most cases the place is packed with items from several different sellers and two rings are usually run during the day. Everything is sold there from used automobiles to coins. Good food can be bought from in house vendor, the owners are friendly and the auction is honest.


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