Red Wing Pottery Numbers and Values

Not all of Red Wing pottery were numbered and there were a lot of pieces from different eras and patterns that had the same number. This has created some problems in making sure the correct value are placed with the correct piece. At this time I am listing numbers and values without making distinction between items with the same numbers but of different eras and patterns. Red Wing pottery has taken a couple of years to gather all the material and pictures and I am still sorting through most of the material. There has been some pressure to go ahead and include on the web site what I have completed as far as the numbers are concerned so I am now placing that section on the site with numbers up to 986 with values. As I have time more will be added. I have not started on Rumrill yet so that will come last.

Now for the value problems I have encountered. Red Wing pieces normally hold a high and constant value in the pottery auction markets but as with all things now in this economy the values are down for most of the pieces in most auctions. As with all things in life things have a value if there is a market for the items. We have to adjust for the number of pieces in the market and the number of buyers and most important the downside of the economy at this time. The values I have placed in this website are what I consider to be fair values but you may not agree with them and that is your privilege.

Page 1 43-191

Page 2 194-341

Page 3 364-715L

Page 4 720-799

Page 5 801-891

Page 6 893-986

Page 7 987-1114

Page 8 1115A-1206

Page 9 1208-1341

Page 10 1347-2307

Page 11 2310-6005

B series b1388-2707

H series H503-H511

M series M1438-M2000

M series 2 M2003-M5000

Rumrill 1

Rumrill 2

Rumrill 3

Rumrill 4

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