Structo Toy Sets
Values are for toys and boxes that are in near mint condition.
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56 IMG 1920s Sand Sifter set. 6 ft long. 2 different trucks were issued. elevated runway, receiving hopper, bucket conveyor, screening tower. red with blue, white, and black details. 600-700
107 1940s Sand elevator and bin yellow and red. elevator is 15 inches tall 125-150
184 IMG 1964 Kompak Sand set. Yellow dump truck and hopper 65-85
193 1964 Kompak contractor set 4-5 pcs. 2 dump trucks cement mixer, hopper, grader 75-100
211 1953 camper set blue truck/cloth bed cover. boat, motor and trailer 150-200
326 1948 Highway builders set all three pieces were orange. Grader. crane and dump truck. 250-350
501 1958 Stock farm set. Red truck, plastic stock racks, portable stock loading ramp, four plastic animals and a coral. 150-200
506 IMG 1955-60 Air force anti aircraft set. 12 pieces. Red truck with cloth bed cover. 2 trailers, spotlight, missile gun, missiles. Has the cheap small truck produced from 1955 to 1960. 300-400
520 IMG 1953 Combat Convoy Set 3 trucks. Troop Carrier, Spotlight truck, missile carrier truck. Plastic cover on troop carrier. 17 pieces 700-800
540 1953 2 tractors, 4 trailers, signs, livestock and 2 cast caddys. 600-700
550 IMG 1948-55 Highway construction set. all pieces are orange. 1 pickup truck, 1 dump truck double axles, grader, lift platform truck set of 8 signs. 350-450
570 1950s   6 pc assortment. Fire pump truck red, emergency truck, white. Ladder truck, red. Trucks are international from 1948 forward. 300-400
571 1950s  4 pc set assortment.  Fire pump truck red, emergency truck, white. Ladder truck, red. 300-400
601 1958 Truck, red cab w/red body. White and red boat with battery powered motor. 29 inches long 375-425
725 IMG 1955 2 chrome tractors, 4 trailers, orange livestock trailer, yellow car carrier, red steel hauler, and green log carrier. 4 cadilacs. red, blue, green, and orange. 600-700
915 1961-65 Army engineers set 6 pcs. dump truck, grader, jeep, hopper, elevator, dozer 400-500


939 1965 14 pc construction set with dozer, dump truck, sand hopper, conveyor 70-90
3967IMG 1977 Ertel/Structo contractor set. dump truck, sand hopper, sand loader, 10 pc sign set 75-100
IMG 1964 Kom-pak Contractor set. Grader, cement truck and dump truck 100-150

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