Structo Toys
Structo was round before 1919 building construction builder kits, but changed to automobile build kits around 1919. from there the company progressed to many different automobile toys up to 1974 when the company was sold to Ertl and even then the toys enjoyed popularity under the Ertl name for a few more years.

this guide covers Structo sets, vintage ads, Structo numbers of each model with as many numbers as I could find over the years. There is a timeline section that show the models available for years from 1919-1975 with descriptions. Enjoy the guide for what it was intended, a look at Structo through the years. As with any human endeavor there are mistakes but I have tried to be as accurate as possible.

The following are links to each topic

Structo Sets

Timeline of Structo trucks

Vintage Ads

Structo Numbers

Structo Decals

Structo Images and Values
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