Structo Toys

Structo toys will be listed in one category as most are trucks and construction pieces.
Values are for general use pieces and not mint condition pieces.
Condition and scarcity are the major factors in setting prices for metal and plastic toys. The following values relate to each image as shown. If a truck is in fair condition only the value will be stated for toys in that condition.

Please allow time for the images to load.
Click on image for larger view.

dump truck

dump truck

Troop carrier

car carrier


Tow Flatbed

Payless Panel truck

Trailer backhoe

Vista Dome
Horse Trailor

Hydraulic dump

Older dump truck

Cment Truck

Cattle Truck

Air Force truck

Toyland Garbage

Delivery truck

Road Grader

Dump truc
Electirc lights

Windup Tanker

Structo Van lines

Steam Shovel

Maintenance truck

Car Hauler

Car Hauler

Fire Truck

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