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Two dates shown relates to the first publishing and also the edition that corresponds to the number listed. If there is one date listed then the date is an "A" or  "1st" edition.

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# Title Author/Illustrator Date Value
D1 Through the Picture Frame (Blue spine w/dust jacket) Robert Edmonds/Walt Disney Studios 1944 35-40
D2 The Cold Blooded Penguin  (Blue spine w/dust jacket) Robert Edmonds/Walt Disney Studios 1944 35-40
D3 Dumbo  (Blue spine w/dust jacket) Walt Disney Studios /Walt Disney Studios 1947 35-40
D4 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Bros. Grimm/Ken O'Brien 1948 18-20
D5 Peter and the Wolf Bros. Grimm/Richard Kelsey 1947 18-20
D6 Uncle Remus Joel Chandler Harris/Marion Palmer Bob Grant 1947 18-20
D7 Bambi Felix Salten/Bob Grant 1948 18-20
D8 Pinocchio Walt Disney Studios /Campbell Grant 1948 18-20
D9 Bongo Sinclair Lewis/Campbell Grant 1948 18-20
D10 The Three Little Pigs Walt Dinsey Studios /AI Dempster Milt Banta 1948 18-20
D11 Johnny Appleseed Walt Disney Studios /Ted Parmalee 1949 18-20
D12 Once Upon a Wintertime Walt Disney Studios /Tom Oreb 1950 12-14
D13 Cinderella Walt Disney Studios /Campbell Grant 1950 12-14
D14 Donald Duck's Adventure Walt Disney Studios /Campbell Grant 1950 12-14
D15 Mickey Mouse's Picnic Jane Werner/Walt Disney Studios 1950 12-14
D16 Santa's Toy Shop Walt Disney Studios /AI Dempster 1950 12-14
D17 Cinderella's Friends Walt Disney Studios /AI Dempster 1950 12-14
D18 Donald Duck's Toy Train Walt Disney Studios /Dick Kelsey 1950 12-14
D19 Alice in Wonderland Meets the White Rabbit Jane Werner/AI Dempster 1951 12-14
D20 Alice in Wonderland Finds the Garden of Live Jane Werner/Campbell Grant 1951 12-14
D21 Grandpa Bunny Jane Werner/Walt Disney Studio 1951 12-14 
D22 The Ugly Duckling Annie North Bedford/Don MacLaughlin 1952  12-14
D23 The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Jane Werner/Richmond I Kelsey 1952 12-14
D24 Peter Pan and Wendy Annie North Bedford/Eyvind Earle 1952 12-14
D25 Peter Pan and the Pirates Sir James Barrie/Bob Moore 1952 12-14
D26 Peter Pan and the Indians Annie North Bedford/Brice Mack 1952 12-14
D27 Donald Duck and Santa Claus Annie North Bedford/AI Dempster 1952/1965 12-14
D28 Noah's Ark Annie North Bedford/Campbell Grant 1952 12-14
D29 Mickey Mouse and His Space Ship Jane Werner/Milton Banta 1952 12-14
D30 Pluto Pup Goes to Sea Annie North Bedford/Yale Gracey 1952 12-14
D31 Hiawatha Walt Disney Studios /Walt Disney Studios 1953 12-14
D32 Mickey Mouse and Pluto Pup Elizabeth Beecher/Campbell Grant 1953/1955 12-14
D33 Mickey Mouse Goes Christmas Shopping Annie North Bedford/Bob Moore 1953/1963 8-10
D34 Donald Duck and the Witch Walt Disney Studios /Dick Kelsey 1953 12-14
D35 The Seven Dwarfs Find a House Annie North Bedford/Julius Svendsen 1952 12-14
D36 Disney Mother Goose /Al Dempster 1952 12-14
D37 Ben and Me Robert Lawson/Campbell Grant 1954 12-14
D38 Chip 'n Dale at the Zoo Annie North Bedford/Bill Bosche 1954 12-14
D39 Donald Duck's Christmas Tree Annie North Bedford/Bob Moore 1954 12-14
D40 Donald Duck's Toy Sailboat Annie North Bedford/Samuel Armstrong 1954/1963 8-10
D41 Donald Duck's Safety Book Annie North Bedford/George Wheeler Manuel Gonzales 1954 12-14
D42 Lady Samuel Armstrong/Ward Greene 1954 12-14
D43 Disneyland on the Air Annie North Bedford/Samuel Armstrong 1955/1965 8-10
D44 Donald Duck in Disneyland Annie North Bedford/Walt Disney Studios 1954 12-14
D45 Davy Crockett Irwin Shapiro/Mel Crawford 1955 12-14
D46 Little Man of Disneyland Annie North Bedford/Dick Kelsey 1955 12-14
D47 Davy Crockett's Keelboat Race /Irwin Shapiro 1955 12-14
D48 Robin Hood Annie North Bedford/Walt Disney Studios 1955 12-14
D49 Donald Duck Prize Driver Annie North Bedford/Neil Boyle 1956 12-14
D50 Jiminy Cricket Fire Fighter Annie North Bedford/Samuel Armstrong 1956 12-14
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