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All items in this price guide are valued at Excellent to Near Mint unless otherwise stated.

Two dates shown relates to the first publishing and also the edition that corresponds to the number listed. If there is one date listed then the date is an "A" or  "1st" edition.

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# Title Author/Illustrator Date Value
D51 Mother Goose /Dempster, Al 1952/1956 8-10
D52 Goofy, Movie Star Annie North Bedford/Samuel Armstrong 1956 10-12
D53 Mickey Mouse Flies the Christmas Mail Annie North Bedford/Neil Boyle Julius Svendsen 1956 10-12
D54 Perri and Her Friends Annie North Bedford Felix Salten/Walt Disney Studios 1956 10-12
D55 Donald Duck and the Mouseketeers Annie North Bedford/Samuel Armstrong 1956 10-12
D56 Peter and the Wolf Serge Prokofieffl/Richard Kelsey 1946/1956 8-10
D57 Mickey Mouse and the Mouseketeers Annie North Bedford/Bob Totten Julius Svendsen 1956 10-12
D58 Cinderella's Friends Jane Werner/Al Dempster 1950/1956 8-10
D59 Cinderella Walt Disney Studios /Campbell  Grant 1950/1956 8-10
61 Sleeping Beauty Annie North Bedford/Frank Armitage,  Julius Svendsen 1957 10-12
D62 Bongo Sinclair Lewis/Campbell Grant 1948/1957 8-10
D63 Scamp Annie North Bedford/Norm  McGary,  Joe Rinaldi 1957 10-12
D64 Paul Revere Shapiro Irwin /Paul Luhrs 1957 10-12
D65 Old Yeller Irwin Shapiro/E. Joseph Daly,  Edwin Schmidt 1957/1965 8-10
D66 Snow White Bros. Grimm /AI Dempster, Ken O'Brien 1948/1958 8-10
D67 The Seven Dwarfs Find A Home Annie North Bedford/Julius Svendsen 1948/1958 10-12
D68 Zorro Charles Spain Verrall/John Steel 1958/1965 8-10
D69 Pluto Pup Goes to Sea Annie North  Bedford/Yale Gracey 1952 10-12
D70 Scamp's Adventure Annie North Bedford/Neil Boyle, Joy Rinaldi 1958 10-12
D71 Sleeping Beauty & The Fairies Annie North Bedford/ Julius Svendsen, Dorothy Strobe 1958 10-12
D72 Peter Pan and Wendy Annie North Bedford/Eyvind  Earle 1952/1958 10-12
D73 Peter Pan and the Pirates Walt Disney Studios /Bob Moore 1952/1958 10-12
D74 Peter Pan and the Indians Annie North Bedford/Dick Kinney, Brice Mack 1952/1958 10-12
D75 Manni the Donkey Felix Salten/Walt Disney Studios 1959 10-12
D76 Mickey Mouse and Pluto Pup Elizabeth Beecher/Campbell Grant 1953/1959
D77 Zorro and the Secret Plan Charles Spain Verrall/Hamilton Greene 1958 10-12
D77 Zorro and the Secret Plan (Red cover background) Charles Spain Verrall/Hamilton Greene 1958/1964 8-10
D78 Three Little Pigs Walt Disney Studios /AI Dempster, Milt Banta 1953/1958 8-10
D79 Mother Goose Walt Disney Studios/Al Dempster 1952/1959 8-10
D80 Tonka Elizabeth Beecher/Walt Disney Studios 1959 10-12
D81 Darby O'Gill Annie North Bedford/David Gantz 1959 10-12
D82 Shaggy Dog Charles Spain Verral/Rus Anderson 1959 10-12
D83 Goliath II Bill Peet/Bill Peet 1959 10-12
D84 Donald Duck and the Christmas Carol Annie North Bedford/Norman McGary 1960/1963 8-10
D85 Uncle Remus Marion Palmer/Joel Chandler Harris 1947/1959 8-10
D86 Donald Duck, Lost and Found Carl Buettner /Bob Grant, Bob Totten 1960 8-10
D87 Toby Tyler Carl Memling/Sam McKim 1960 8-10
D88 Scamp's Adventure Annie North Bedford/Joe Rinaldi 1958/1960 8-10
D89 The Lucky Puppy Werner Jane Watson/Don Bester, Allen Hubbard 1960/1965 8-10
D90 Bambi Felix Salten/Bob Grant 1948/1960 8-10
D91 Polyanna Elizabeth Beecher/Karen Hedstrom 1960 8-10
D92 Donald Duck in Disneyland Annie North Bedford/Grant Campbell 1960 8-10
D93 Bedknobs and Broomsticks Walt Disney Studios /Walt Disney Studios 1971 6-8
D94 Donald Duck and the Private Eye Carl Buettner/AI White 1961 8-10
D95 Swiss Family Robinson Jean Lewis/Paul Granger 1961 8-10
D96 The Flying Car Charles Spain Verrall/Fred Irwin 1961 8-10
D97 Babes in Toyland  (Blue cover) Barbara Shook Hazen/Earl & Carl Marshall 1961 8-10
D97 Babes in Toyland (Green cover) Barbara Shook Hazen/Earl & Carl Marshall 1961 8-10
D98 Ludwig Von Drake George Sherman, Gina Ingoglia/Hawley Pratt 1961 8-10
D99 The Toy Soldier Barbara Shook Hazen/Robert Thompson 1961 8-10
D100 Pinocchio Walt Disney Studios /Campbell Grant 1948/1961 8-10
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