The values stated in this guide are to be used only as a guide. Values are not set to determine prices as auction and dealer values vary greatly and are affected by demand and condition. The author does not assume responsibility for any losses that are the result of consulting this guide.

All items in this price guide are valued at Excellent to Near Mint unless otherwise stated.
Values are for 1st edition and 1st state books only.

Mint or near mint for the Funtime books will have all punch-outs firmly attached to the pages, Coloring books will have clean pages with no stains, tears or age coloring, Stickum books will have all stickers placed as they were when produced. Due to the different aspects of the books a higher standard of excellent to mint should be adhered to.

# Name Format Date Value
GF104 Pinky Lee Coloring Book 1955 30
GF105 Cowboys of the Frontier Punch out Book 1955 30
GF106 Career Girls Punch out Dolls 1955 35
GF108 Walt Disney Coloring Book 1956 25
GF109 Dogs Coloring Book 1956 25
GF110 Indians Coloring Book 1956 25
GF112 Walt Disney Cut out/Coloring Book 1956 30
GF114 On The Farm Punch Out Book 1956 40
GF115 Johnny Tremain Coloring Book 1956 25
GF116 Mother Goose Coloring Book 1956 20
GF117 Trains Punch out Book 1957 40
GF118 Soldiers Punch Out Book 1957 35
GF119 Snow White Coloring Book 1957 35
GF121 Cars and Trucks Punch Out Book 1958 40
GF122 Wild West Wagon Train Punch Out book 1957 40
GF125 Baby Animal Coloring Book 1958 20
GF126 Wyatt Earp coloring Book 1958 40
GF128 Fire Engines Punch Out Book 1958 40
GF132 Zorro Punch Out Book 1958 75
GF134 Smoky The Bear Coloring Book 1958 35
GF135 Space Rockets Coloring Book 1958 40
GF136 Dinosaurs Punch Out Book 1958 30
GF139 Boats Punch Out Book 1958 30
GF140 Steve Canyon Punch Out Book 1959 50
GF141 Fishes Punch Out Book 1959 30
GF142 Doll House Punch Out 1959 40
GF143 Christmas Manger Punch Out Book 1959 25
GF144 Reptiles and Amphibians Punch Out Book 1959 30
GF145 ABC Stickum Book 1959 15
GF146 Chris Jingle Stickum Book 1959 15
GF147 Trucks And Tractors Punch Out book 1959 30
GF148 Paper Dolls Punch Out Book 1960 30
GF149 Mr. Green Jeans Coloring Book 1959 30
GF150 Bible Stories Coloring Book 1959 15
GF151 Ben-Hur Punch Out Book 1959 35
GF152 War Between The States Punch Out Book 1959 30
GF153 Farm Stories Tracing Book 1959 15
GF154 I Love Lucy Tracing Book 1959 35
GF155 Sleeping Beauty Punch Out Book 1959 75
GF156 Dennis The Menace Punch Out Book 1960 40
GF157 Birds Punch Out Book 1960 40
GF158 Circus Parade Punch Out Book 1960 35
GF159 Numbers Stickum Book 1960 15
GF160 Mother Goose Stickum Book 1960 15
GF161 Nurse Nancy Stickum Book 1960 30
GF162 Wild Animals Punch Out Book 1960 30
GF163 Pollyanna Doll Book Punch Out Book 1960 35
GF164 Career Girls Punch Out Book 1960 30
GF165 Presidents Trading Cards 1960 20
GF166 Animals Trading Cards 1960 15
GF168 The AIamo Punch Out Book 1960 45
GF169 Pixie And Dixie Stencil Book 1960 35
GF170 My First Stencil Book  Stencil Book 1960 15
GF172 ABC Tracing Book 1960 15
GF173 Little Red Riding Hood Stickum Book 1961 15
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