The values stated in this guide are to be used only as a guide. Values are not set to determine prices as auction and dealer values vary greatly and are affected by demand and condition. The author does not assume responsibility for any losses that are the result of consulting this guide.

All items in this price guide are valued at Excellent to Near Mint unless otherwise stated.
Values are for 1st edition and 1st state books only

Mint or near mint for the Funtime books will have all punch-outs firmly attached to the pages, Coloring books will have clean pages with no stains, tears or age coloring, Stickum books will have all stickers placed as they were when produced. Due to the different aspects of the books a higher standard of excellent to mint should be adhered to.

# Name Format Date Value
GF174 Visit To The Farm Stickum Book 1960 15
GF175 Wild Animals of the World Coloring Book 1955 15
GF176 Space Rockets Paint Book 1961 15
GF177 Popeye Punch Out Book 1961 40
GF178 Cars Old And New Punch Out Book 1960 35
GF179 Saddle Your Pony Punch Out Book 1961 30
GF180 Dress Your Dolls Paper Dolls 1961 20
GF181 Boo  Boo Bear Stickum Book 1961 15
GF182 Geography Fun   1961 15
GF183 National Velvet Coloring Book 1961 15
GF184 Activity Fun Crossword Coloring Book 1961 15
GF185 Baba Looey Punch Out Book 1961 35
GF186 Mr. Magoo Coloring Book 1961 20
GF187 Nosed Reindeer Punch Out Book 1961 30
GF188 Fred And Wilma Flintstones Punch Out Book 1961 45
GF189 Dinosaurs  Trading Cards 1961 15
GF190 Baseball  Trading Cards 1961 50
GF191 Goldilocks and the 3 Bears   1961 15
GF192 Hokey Wolf  Coloring Book 1961 20
GF193 Trim the Tree Punch Out Book 1961 20
GF194 Eskimos Punch Out Book 1962 30
GF195 Pinocchio Punch Out Book 1962 50
GF196 The Toymaker Punch Out Book 1961 35
GF197 Ludwig Von Drake Punch Out Book 1961 30
GF198 Dick Tracy Punch Out Book 1962 45
GF200 Astronauts Punch Out Book 1961 40
GF201 Three Little Pigs Coloring Book 1962 15
GF202 Horses Punch Out Book 1962 30
GF203 Three Bears Coloring Book 1962 15
GF204 Games Punch Out Book 1962 10
GF205 Lotto Punch Out Book 1962 15
GF207 Doctor Kildare Punch Out Book 1962 30
GF208 Three Stooges Punch Out Book 1962 45
GF209 Doll House Punch Out Book 1962 60
GF210 County Fair Punch Out Book 1962 30
GF212 Gay Purr-Ee Punch Out Book 1962 25
GF214 Cars And Trucks  Coloring Book 1962 15
GF215 Birds Coloring Book 1963 15
GF216 Elroy And Astro Jetson Coloring Book 1963 20
GF217 My First Coloring Book Coloring Book 1963 15
GF218 Ships Old And New Punch Out Book 1963 30
GF219 Junior Planetarium Punch Out Book 1963 25
GF220 Mister Magoo Christmas Carol Punch Out Book 1963 65
GF221 Tammy Paper Doll Paper Dolls 1963 40
GF222 Merlin The Magician Coloring Book 1963 20
GF223 The Clampetts In Hollywood Coloring Book 1963 30
GF224 Bozo The Clown  Coloring Book 1963 15
GF225 Baby Peddles Coloring Book 1963 15
GF226 Dennis The Menace Coloring Book 1963 15
GF227 The Lucy Show Coloring Book 1963 30
GF228 Funny Animals  Coloring Book 1963 15
GF229 Baby Flintstone - Pebbles Punch Out Book 1963 35
GF230 Walt Disney's Disneyland Punch Out Book 1963 40
GF231 Supercar Coloring Book 1963 35
GF232 Hey There It's Yogi Bear! Coloring Book 1964 20
GF233 Uncle Martin The Martian Coloring Book 1964 30
GF234 Words  Coloring Book 1964 15
GF235 Fireball XI-5  Coloring Book 1964 35
GF236 Mary Poppins Coloring Book 1964 15
GF237 Charmin' Chatty Paper Doll Paper Dolls 1964 15
GF238 Mary Poppins Paper Doll Paper Dolls 1964 30
GF240 Dogs Coloring Book 1964 15
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