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Includes Studebaker and 1st series Diamond T




Moving Van 17 inches long Orange
428 Mail Truck 17 inches long Green
449 Pumper Fire engine Red electric headlights 1933 version
810 Stake wagon 21.5 inches long Orange and Black
811 Dump truck 23.5 inches long Orange and black
811 Dump truck 23.5 inches long green electric headlights
Studebaker cabover 6 wheel dump truck 18 inches long orange/black
Studebaker cabover 4 wheel dump truck 18 inches long yellow/red
Studebaker cabover Highway transport yellow/green
Studebaker cabover Highway Transport semi truck Orange
Studebaker cabover Stem shovel mounted on truck yellow/blue
Studebaker cabover Express Truck white/red
studebaker ditch digger yellow and black 26 inches long
Studebaker   Aerial Fire truck red yellow ladders
Studebaker Hook and ladder fire truck red electric headlights
Studebaker Dump truck yellow/red
Studebaker Wrecker white
Studebaker Red rider 17.5 inches long
Diamond T 250 Dump truck
Diamond T 251 Hook and ladder fire truck red yellow ladders
Diamond T 252 Army truck green khaki canvas cover
Diamond T 253 Wrecker blue/white
Diamond T 254 Stake truck red/yellow
Diamond T 300 Truck & semi trailer
Diamond T 301 Fire patrol truck red
Diamond T 400 Truck and steam shovel
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