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This section shows only the numbers and a short description or name of the toy

International Truck Era

Some of the international trucks were equipped with a black engine. All had a hood that opened,



100 Steam shovel orange Prewar
105 heavy duty steam shovel blue Post war on tracks
105 steam shovel revised with new design blue offered in different colors
200 Dump Truck 20 inches Red, long single axle
200 Dump truck blue/orange 20 inches long dual rear axles warning light on roof
201 Dump truck 20 inches long red/yellow tandem rear axles
210 Pickup truck red cab yellow body
212 Army tgruck blue cab red bed w/white cloth cover
213 Farm truck and trailer blue cab and yellow bed trailer was blue
214 towing ans service truck green cab orange body light on roof
250 dump truck 21 inches long hydraulic lift green/orange dual axles
250 Fire Truck Aerial 24 inches long red yellow ladders, engine equipped 
252 Tandem dump truck dual hydraulic cylinders
260 Hook and ladder truck 33 inches long semi no out riggers
260 same as above truck but with out riggers
261 similar to model 260 with cast wheels and rubber tires sold with and without out riggers
262 pumper fire truck red w/unpainted ladders electric light on roof
265 hook and ladder truck similar to 260/261 but with hydraulic operated ladders, electric light on roof
270 Mobile communications center blue
271 Ready mix concrete truck red cab, yellow mixing drum
272 Mobile steam shovel truck with rubber tracks green cab and chassis, yellow shovel
275 Cattle transport yellow semi trractor, brown trailer
300 road grader 18 inches long orange
310 rocker dump 20 inches long red or orange 2 wheel
311 rocker dump green crawler an dump
320 Earth mover 21.5 inches long orange
321 earth mover orange Crawler and dump
330 Scraper 22 inches long red
340 End loader 15.25 inches long different colros green, blue or orange
402 truck and steam shovel 21.5 inches long orange truck, blue shovel single axle
403 Truck and steam shovel dual axle truck 21.5 inches long green truck and orange shovel
404 Clam bucket and truck different colors yellow tractor, green trailer, yellow loading ramp, yellow crane, green roof, red bucket
405 Truck and steam shovel green tractor, orange trailer, green shovel, light on truck roof
500 Garbage truck 21.5 inches long, red cab and gray body different colors in later years
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