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This section shows only the numbers and a short description or name of the toy

1950s Structo concept trucks



201 Dump truck 15.75 inches long Black body/red roof/yellow dump body
202 Fleetside pickup 14.5 inches long several colors copper cab/white roof/green body. issued with food cartons
401 Auto transporter 24 inches long. blue cab/yellow roof/yellow trailer 2 caddys and 1 pickup truck
501 stock farm set red truck. plastic racks, 4 plastic animals and a corral
502 Tilt bed truck with bull dozer. yellow cab/green roof/green bed. Copper dozer with yellow wheels
504 Moving van 26.25 inches long yellow cab/red roof. Red trailer/yellow doors.
601 Deluxe camper 29 inches long red cab/white roof/red body. Boat is white and red made of wood with battery powered motor
620 Mobile Anti-missile unit blue tractor/yellow top. searchlight, 2 missile racks, 6 missiles.
701 Pump fire truck. Red truck, white ladders, w/reel, driver, water tank & pump. also white truck.20 inches long.
702 Deluxe Power Wrecker. Black and white and also green and white. Winch and lights are battery powered.
901 Hook & ladder truck. Aluminum ladders. 31 inches long.
902 Mobile crane. Green cab w/yellow roof. yellow boom.

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