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Diamond T 2nd series full fendered trucks



Diamond T 401 Highway Transport
Diamond T 500 Transporter three pieces to set
Diamond T 601 Fire engine truck pumper
Diamond T 2nd model 200 Dump truck 21 inches longr ed/yellow
Diamond T 2nd model  201 Wrecker 21 inches long blue/white
Diamond T 2nd model 203 Army Truck 21.75 inches long green canvas cover
Diamond T 2nd model 204 Stake truck 21.75 inches long yellow/red
Diamond T 2nd model 205 Hook and Ladder fire truck 26.5 inches red w/yellow ladders
Diamond T 2nd model 207 Army search light truck Green battery searchlight
Diamond T 2nd model 300 Open top van red/gray
Diamond T 2nd model 305 Aerial Fire Truck 29.5 inches long red w/yellow ladders
Diamond T 2nd model 403 Rider aerial fire truck 29.5 inches long yellow ladders
Diamond T 2nd model 310 Stake delivery truck 25 inches long red/white semi
Diamond T 2nd model 320 Police patrol vehicle 23 inches long blue
Diamond T 2nd model 321 Fire patrol red w/yellow ladders included were 2 extinguishers, 2 axes and 2 ladders
Diamond T 2nd model 402 Truck and steam engine yellow/black
Diamond T 2nd model  404 Highway transport 30.5 inches long blue/yellow semi
Diamond T 2nd model  505 3 piece transport set red/white semi
Diamond T 2nd model  605 fire engine pumper 26.5 inches long yellow ladders
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