Fisher Price Toys

Fisher price was started in 1930 by Herman Fisher, Irving Price and Helen Schelle. The first production year was

1931 with 16 different toys being produced. All early toys featured excellent paper lithography on wood and continued until the 50s when plastic began appearing as part of the toys and finally by the late sixties most of the toys were being made of plastics.

Collecting vintage wooden body Fisher Price can be costly as it is very difficult to find older pieces in excellent condition. Many of the earlier pieces can command over $2000 dollars or even more in mint in box condition.

The values listed in this guide are current values from internet and on site sales of pieces in original mint condition usually with box included.

Many Fisher Price toys were produced in different years in different variations and still have the same number but will have different values with each.

The dates found on the toys may be the copyright date but may not be the production date of the toy.

Fisher Price Wooden Toys


Fisher Price Plastic Toys


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